Wrapping up 2018

What an amazing year we’ve had! As a recap if, as an Irish band, our year starts at St. Patrick’s Day, we had a great crowd at the Mission Viejo Activities St. Patrick’s Festival; such a perfect day to start our celebratory weekend. In 2019, Saturday, March 16th, the event will be repeated, only this year with more of everything! More beer, more activities, more booths, and more music!

We started recording our debut CD, Exiles & Emigrants, in late spring/early summer. Recording with an old friend who owns and operates Laguna Sound, Murph was able to take his time to create the dynamics he wanted to make familiar Irish songs his own. The process was a labor of love. A lot of things were learned along the way and plans for the next project are already in the works!

The Big Irish Fest found a new, awesome location (The Great Park in Irvine) this last June. It was a joy to have it back in Orange County. They had great bands, great vendors, great food… just like all the other years, but this year the lush, clean location was the best part. In 2019, the festival will occur at the same place, with many of the same bands, and will be back on Father’s Day weekend. We’re hoping to see you all there!

In such a busy year, Cillian’s Bridge also made time to play a charity event for OliveCrest Children’s Foundation; the Sawdust Festival, Laguna Beach; the GetShamrocked festival, Murietta; The Harp Inn’s annual Christmas Party; hosted a CD release party to a packed house; and lots of other pub gigs.

All in all, 2018 has been a year full of opportunities, blessings, and a lot of hard work. The best thing that happened to our Cillian’s Bridge Clan this year was the addition of Asher St. Pierre. Asher is one of the most talented fiddle players in Southern California (dare we say the state?). He balances out the band’s music and comes with the same relatable, easy-going personality we want in our people. We call him Shreddler, because he shreds that fiddle!

We are a clan of related people: our bandmates, our families, our FANs, and their families are all crossing this bridge of life together. We care about each other and strive to bring joy through our company, our music, our goals. Here’s to 2019. Here’s to doing it all together!

Patrick Carey