the harmonica & the accordion... the same thing only different.

We're always searching for new songs to play live - while we're primarily an Irish band, we do branch out a little.   At one of our practices last summer, Murph brought us a song called "Leaving of Liverpool" that he really wanted us to learn.  It's got a great harmonica intro and melody throughout.  Only problem is, we didn't have a harmonica player - only an accordion player.  We figured we'd make do - accordion intro and melody would still make for a great song, and we figured our friends at the Harp Inn, Costa Mesa, Muldoon's Irish Pub, Newport Beach, and some of the other great places we play in and around Orange County would love it just the same. 

But Brian, our accordion player (and singer and guitar player...), asked Murph if there was a harmonica around...and, not entirely surprisingly, Murph did have an old harmonica lying around.  Brian picked it up and played "Leaving of Liverpool" perfectly!  After we finished the song, the rest of us put down our instruments and looked at Brian in awe.  Only Simon was able to recover from his incredulity (if you know Simon that's not surprising) enough to ask, "Brian, where did you learn to play that thing?" 

I'm pretty sure Brian's response will go down in the Cillian's Bridge books as one of the most amusing of all times.  He said, "Well, Simon, the harmonica is just the same as the accordion."


Noelle Denlinger