New Year, New Electric Violin (Fiddle?!)

We love playing live music, but one of the big challenges any live band faces is getting a good sound mix.   As much as we hate to say it, the acoustic violin is one of the hardest instruments to get right.   We love the violin (and know that all of you do too) but sometimes it's too loud, sometimes too's really hard to get the right balance with an acoustic violin. 

Our fiddle player, Noelle, has been talking about getting an electric violin for quite some time now. It's hard to find a good electric instrument that won't sound tinny and compromise the sound, but that also won't break the bank.  After months of frustrating research, Noelle called in the expert (her dad, Bill Denlinger, a longtime musician and amateur sound guy) to look into it for her.  

Dad (or Bill, as most of us call him) found a few mediocre options, but for the most part there was a lot of radio silence - we figured he'd thrown in the towel.  Then for Christmas, he surprised her with a great gift - the Yamaha YEV-104 electric violin.  It has a great sound that's perfect for live music (especially Irish music) and blends so well with the other instruments.   Cillian's Bridge sounds even better (can you believe it?) - and we're thrilled for you to enjoy it with us in 2017.



Noelle Denlinger