Murph and Matt: A Brief History

Wanting to start playing great, live Irish music again, Murph began looking for a bunch of musicians that loved the genre as much as he did. He went about recruiting bandmates the non-creepy, old-fashioned way--he posted ads on Craigslist.  Thankfully, none of us were dangerous criminals and so we started Cillian’s Bridge! Debuting in March, 2016 we had a strong beginning and were well received. Clearly, people in Orange County were also longing for more great, live Irish music!

Unfortunately, in September our first drummer, Tom Allen, had to resign. He was talented and easy-going and over-committed. (He has two other bands The Tone Brothers and Riff Raff.)  While we know he loved us, he really wasn't able to give as much time as he needed to learn some of our Irish, folk music.  This time, instead of posting to Craigslist again (why tempt fate?), Murph called his old friend Matt Jones. Murph knew if Matt was willing, he was also able.

Murph and Matt go way back! They met about 27 years ago when Matt joined The Fenians (you know Murph and Terry Casey started The Fenians in 1988, right?). Murph knew he needed a strong, flexible drummer and knew that Matt could handle the challenge of being a drummer in a genre that doesn’t normally use drums!

When we approached Murph to write a little more about his history with Matt, his one request was that Peaches & Herb be played in the background.

These guys have known each other almost 3 decades, played more times together than they could count, lost touch for more than 20 years, and collectively remember very little of their early years together. Irish music and a strong Irish band brought them together in the 1980s and Irish music and a strong Irish band brought them back together now. Reunited after all these years and it feels so good! (And this time other priorities provide them the opportunity to remember that these are the best of times.)


Noelle Denlinger