about Cillian's Bridge

Birthed out of a desire to make great music, Cillian’s Bridge brought 5 musically accomplished individuals together to create a hybrid of familiar favorites in an acoustic rock sound played with a nod to their Irish roots. They have found the secret to adding a new depth to recognizable music and make it appealing to everyone. Their music is dance-able and fun and will have everyone singing along. Cillian’s Bridge incorporates Irish instruments like mandolin and fiddle to pop, rock, and alternative music from the 80s through today. Their music will have you wondering why the originals didn’t play it the way they do. Cillian’s Bridge has built a solid, growing following of Orange County fans that find their sets energizing. Their entertaining live sets coupled with the bandmates' easygoing personalities make for a show that proves enjoyable for young and old alike. There is no doubt that with a need for good, relatable music, Cillian’s Bridge crosses a lot of stylistic bridges that serves their diverse audiences well.


 Patrick "Murph" Carey, Southside Chicago:  Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar

Brian Staunton, County Roscommon, Ireland: Accordion, Harmonica, Guitar, Vocals

Asher St. Pierre, Orange County: Fiddle

Taylor Sims, Orange County: Drums

Frank Arellano, Laguna Beach: Bass